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IstrițaTree growing in Buzău is a basic occupation of the inhabitants of the hill and mountain area, whose beginnings are lost in the darkness of the times.

The first documentary testimonies come from the end of the 14th century. In 1595, Walter Baltazar (the historiographer of the life and reign of Michael the Brave) writes about the villages between Brăila-Buzău-Bucharest and other areas under the mountain that “were in all sorts of fruits and come like those in Great Poland and many provinces of Germany”.

In 1693, Bacsici wrote about the Wallachian trees, where the Buzău lands are found: “The regions in the mountains’ neighborhoods produce such large quantities of fruit, pears and plums, as it is a wonder. In many places there are true forests of fruitful trees that no one cares about.” With favorable pedoclimatic conditions, fruit growing has grown permanently in this geographical area of the country.

The year 1893 marks the beginning of the tumultuous history of “Pepiniera Istrița” so that today, after 120 years, we can talk about tradition and continuity in the production of fruit propagating material.