Pepiniera Istrița and the fruit farm operate in two basic sectors:

  • production and marketing of fruit propagating material;
  • production and marketing of fruit trees: apple, plum, cherry.

As a plant with a profile, it aims at achieving the following objectives:

  1. Restructuring of fruitful heritage. Analyzing the natural production potential (climate, soil, sunstroke) will be taken into account:
    • expanding the crop of the fruit species that meet in Istrița the best conditions for growth and development: plum, cherry, cherry, apple and hone;
    • the continuation of the establishment of superintensive orchards with high densities of trees (plum and cherry about 1250 trees/ha, apple about 3000 trees/ha, pear and cherry about 2000 trees/ha);
    • application of modern technologies: drip irrigation, green cuts, crown shapes that highlight the productive potential of the species and the new types of plantations
  2. Modernization of the fruit nursery by:
    • generalization of drip irrigation and fertilization;
    • herbicide in tree school;
    • expanding new honeysuckle technologies (producing Knip forests);
    • producing container seedlings for the purpose of harvesting it throughout the year.
  3. The research activity will be linked to the objectives of the Research Center for Integrated Fruit Growing.
  4. Extension and technology transfer. Consider:
    • integration and correlation of actions in this field with those of the department of fruit growing;
    • expanding demonstration batches;
    • diversification of specific extension forms (popularization publications, leaflets, etc.)
    • cooperation with the research and development centers in the field of fruit growing