Pepiniera IstritaPepiniera Istrița is situated on the parallel of 45° 29′ north latitude and on the meridian 26° 34′ east longitude, at an altitude of 134 m, on the territory of Săhăteni village, Buzău county.

The climate is semi-wet, quite warm. The average annual temperature is around 11,3°C, in summer around 23°C and in winter around 0°C, the average monthly temperatures registering negative values only in January-March.

The annual average of precipitation amounts are about 500 mm.

The soils in the Pepiniera Istrița provide the amount of nutrients needed for good production.

Ground water is a continuous cloth at a depth of about 6 m.

The distances that separate it from the major urban centers are 105 km from Bucharest and 25 km from Buzău. The area of the nursery falls within the plains that begin at the foot of the Sub-Carpathian Hills (Dealu Mare), immediately below the Istriţa Hill, and unite this area with the Bărăgan Plain.

Istrița has been supplied annually with trees of superior biological categories, which are found in thousands of hectares of fruit plantations established both in Buzău County and in other counties.

Pepiniera Istriţa is a subunit of the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Bucharest, which has as main activity the production and marketing of fruit trees of all species that are adapted to pedoclimatic conditions in Romania.

At the same time Istrița also has intensive and superintensive fruit plantations. The main species planted for fruit production are apple, plum and cherry.

Istrița collaborates with Vitroplant Italy and CAV Faenza Italy, which provides us, upon request, with initial planting material of superior biological quality, the quality of which is guaranteed by the most rigorous certification systems that are mandatory in the European Union.

Pepiniera Istrița also provides technical consultancy services for planting trees, setting up and maintenance of fruit plantations. Its specialists have a field experience of over 25 years.

Pepiniera Istriţa tests the newest varieties (Romanian and foreign) of all fruit species (apple, hair, plum, apricot, peach, nectarine, cherry, cherry) in the demonstration lots on the farm. The varieties that prove to be valuable are multiplied in the nursery.

Pepiniera Istrița guarantees the quality and authenticity of the fruit planting material. The production activity is subject to control and monitoring of the Territorial Inspectorate for the Quality of Seeds and Propagating Material and Buzău Phytosanitary Unit.

After reintegration into the structures of the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Bucharest, Istriţa is experiencing a new youth. Despite all the attempts in its long history, this “Lady” of the Romanian olives has always kept a living spirit and a dynamism perpetuated by generations and generations of horticulturists.

Istrita harta